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Work for 3C Online

Thanks for showing interest in working for 3C Online. We hope that you will be able to join our team but we would like point out from the start that we are very proud of our business and what we do. Our task is to help other companies create and improve valuable customer dialogues, whether in telesales or customer service and whether by phone, email, chat, social media or other channels. 3C Online has been created by people with an entrepreneurial spirit and personal drive. Therefore, we are constantly seeking new ways of developing and improving 3C Online. We do this to enhance the relations our customers have with their customers. Working here means that you believe in yourself and Online and that we can help our clients and their customers.

If you want to know more, please contact us. And who knows? Maybe you too can soon proudly say “I am an 3C Onliner!”

What is it like to work here?

At 3C Online, everyone expects you always to do your best and contribute to being part of the added value we give our clients and their customers. In return, you will be part of a strong, supportive group of colleagues and work in a great place!

If you do not always try to do your best, you will not fit in here

At 3C Online, we always try to achieve maximum quality in everything we do. Our aim is to promote our customers’ operations and create value for us in both the short and long terms. In this way we can exceed our customers’ expectations.

We always try to do things a bit better

At 3C Online, our approach is to prioritise tasks that take the shortest time to do in relation to the results for us and our customers. This allows us to achieve maximum efficiency and work with the focus on our customers’ needs.

We think, therefore we are

At 3C Online, knowledge is a key value. We believe in a constant development process in which everyone takes responsibility for enhancing their knowledge and skills in order to improve their work. This is why our knowledge is found to be correct and relevant by our customers.

One for all, all for one

At 3C Online, all employees are part of the company. We believe in respect for the individual, camaraderie and a feeling of solidarity between colleagues. We take responsibility for each other’s development and well-being and for achieving success in partnership with our customers.

We love success!

At 3C Online, we demonstrate our commitment in all our tasks by reflecting, asking questions and placing tasks in a wider context. 3C Online has been created by people with an entrepreneurial spirit and personal drive. Therefore, we are constantly seeking new ways of developing and improving 3C Online for the benefit of our customers.

Our Personality

One who works at 3C Online is an Onliner. An 3C Onliner is a person who…

…is communicative

i.e. is interested in conducting dialogues with customers.

…wants to sell

i.e. you do not need to have previous experience of sales, but if you don’t think selling is fun you will find it hard to work for 3C Online.

…has a positive attitude

i.e. we see solutions not problems. A positive attitude is perfect at 3C Online.

…is humble and self-aware

i.e. being convinced that you will be 3C Online’s best ever salesperson is not as attractive as a genuine desire to do your absolute best.

…is driven and single-minded

Both big and small objectives are attractive to us.

…is loyal and reliable

The most important aspect of all relations is the ability to rely on each other. At 3C Online, we attach great value to mutual loyalty.

…thinks fast

At 3C Online, everyone may get unexpected questions from customers. Tip! You will have the perfect opportunity to get a taste of how to handle questions at your job interview.

Don’t forget!

The qualities Online is looking for are also those Online stands for, uses in its work and feeds back to everyone.