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We know what is important in sales talks with your customers.

Everyone says that the ultimate aim of a company is to earn money but few consider that each customer contact has to contribute to improved results on the basis of the company’s objectives and the strategy for how to achieve them. Even so, not all companies think this way. We do. When we work for you, we work with you. We adapt our work to how you work. We build sales messages according to how you need to formulate them and then focus on the factors to which you need to pay attention to create successful telesales campaigns.

While other companies can develop sales strategies, there are few that can actually implement the sales. But we can.

Our experience is based on having conducted more than 40 million calls over the past 20 years. And we have great experience of adapting our organisation to new and better ways of developing communication with the specific requirements made by each client.

We not only conduct sales over the phone. We help you develop data selection, rhetoric and reporting. This not only creates good results but also allows you to share the knowledge we have gained over the years.

We are good and we can perform our services in the Nordic region at times that suit your customers.
We value feedback from our clients and work continuously to develop our services on the basis of your needs.

But how do we do this? Our five steps are a collection of processes that ensure that the right campaign is conducted without mistakes every time.


1. Campaign

We begin our partnership by defining what a successful campaign is for you. We then build the campaign on the basis of customer selection, offerings and suitable salespersons. To create a campaign that meets your needs and expectations, we talk directly and personally to your key individuals. This lays the foundation for a successful partnership and gives you the personal attention you deserve.

2. Administration

No two clients are the same and no one understands that better than we do. Our work is carried out in production systems we have developed that are designed to use information and customer data on the basis of your company’s needs. The same applies to your corporate culture and your business objectives. We know how to adapt our way of talking so that you feel that we are part of your organisation.

3. Production

All campaigns are unique and require full attention to exceed your expectations. Each customer group, each offering, each call script, each training course, each salesperson and each coach contribute to the results of the campaign. Therefore, we see each campaign as a living document that has to be looked after to develop. To help us we have you as the client, routines for training and sales material, active listening and coaching as objectives. Everything contributes to our ability to monitor and manage the development of your results continually.

4. Reporting

We provide a full range of key ratios that describe how your campaign is developing and why. Our production reports are easy to understand and are generated for you when you need them. They are supplemented by the soft values that our coaches, salespersons and others in the production department can give you. Together, this gives you a complete overview of how well your campaign matches your expectations.

5 Development

For us, partnership means that we work together to achieve results via our experience of your customers. Therefore, long-term partnerships are the ultimate ROI. They make it possible for us to get to know each other and set up and implement realistic plans and campaigns, increase predictability and create standards that make it possible for us to work together cost-efficiently. Whether you focus on fast sales or long-term profitability, your results are the effect of our joint efforts.