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Customer Service

We help you build customer relations

All brands have substance, regardless of how large or small it is. Companies with strong brands are able to attract loyal customers. To create a strong brand, you have to know what makes your company unique. A customer is a person who buys your goods or services and is the person who is the basis of your company’s existence. Your growth comes from you finding customers who continue to buy from you and ultimately generate new customers for you.

Nothing is more important than the contact you have with your customers, whether you seek them out or they seek you out. Customer service is more than just a conversation, an exchange of emails, a chat, etc. Customer service means meeting every customer’s expectations and needs as he or she expects them to be met. If your customer service is right, you will create high customer loyalty and customers who continue to buy from you and recommend your goods and services to others.

We know how you can do this. When we work for you, we are more than just your face to the world in customer service. We also help you with advice based on how we find your customers’ attitude to you and how you can use it in your sales work and to create high customer loyalty.

How do we know we can help you?

We have worked in sales for over 20 years. We know that the most important thing for a customer is to feel important and get help from you. He or she will then be receptive to additional sales.


All customer dialogues are a way of marketing you and your services. We have nothing but salespersons in our customer service department. For us, a salesperson is someone who can listen and understand and who wants to help customers before then creating new business on the basis of the customers’ needs.

We know which factors affect your customers’ experience of you and your services. And we can show you them. By constantly following key ratios defined by us together, we are able to compare how different service levels, issue types and solutions and customer satisfaction are interconnected. We can then decide how to help each other enhance customer loyalty.

Technical solutions aren’t enough

Outsourcing your customer service means more than just forwarding customer calls to a third party. Outsourcing involves transferring a corporate culture and creating a dedicated team of people who are excited about and committed to representing your brand. Our method of working aims to create the deep, far-reaching partnership necessary to build up part of your operations in our company. The method involves trans­ferring culture and values, recruitment to the group, training programmes, how we create a transparent, open dialogue between us, quality assurance processes, measurement methods and follow-up.

Creating effective, reflective customer service

No two customer service dialogues are the same. Good dialogue and trust are the basis of successful customer relations. So that we can perform together at the highest level in all customer dialogues, it is important for us to understand the significance of development so that we can work together as efficiently as possible. We understand that what we learn in our partnership must be fed back into your operations and be part of your future business development. The best way of doing this is by having proficient, well-trained people in your customer service department. Such people make well-founded decisions in every customer dialogue and react fast to unexpected developments, resulting in great success for your company.

We do it better and smarter

Our know-how has been built up over several years by our having helped and developed customer service departments for various businesses. Our knowledge is based on millions of measurements that are summarised in key ratios used in the management and development of your operations. It is easy to measure data. It is more difficult to measure unique dialogues between people. 3C Online has therefore built up a structure of quality assurance methods that collect quantitative volumes of data that shows how satisfied your customers are with the customer service, combined with methods that measure customer experience in terms of quality.