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About 3C Online

We help other companies create and improve valuable dialogues with their customers. Service and sales in all customer communication are two sides of the same coin for us. We believe in constant development, with those we recruit taking responsibility for their knowledge and skills. We take responsibility for each other’s development and achieve success in partnership with our customers. 3C Online has been created by people with an entrepreneurial spirit and personal drive. Therefore, we are constantly seeking new ways of developing and improving.

We supply combined outsourcing services in customer service and telemarketing that have been developed from a unique combination of service and sales rhetoric, technology and services.


We are experts in every part of the journey that results in valuable service for customers, whether the dialogue focuses on sales or service. Where other companies focus on only one side, we combine both service and sales to create the best experience of every company.

We have been in the distance selling industry for 20 years. Our services make use of the expertise possessed by our employees and clients to provide exceptional ideas and insights that help make companies’ customer experience better. We initiate innovation for the distance selling industry and offer innovative ideas that are based on knowledge, experience and research.